CUP-O Protein was developed in 2015 by Donna McReynolds-Sanchez, a beverage industry veteran, and her husband Toby Sanchez, a former minor league baseball player and entrepreneur.   

At the time, Donna was working for a Ready-to-Drink (RTD) protein shake company when the idea for CUP-O Protein was born.  Donna would drink her coffee made in a Keurig® every morning, however she was not a fan of eating breakfast foods.  Because she felt her body required more sustenance than what her coffee provided, she would reluctantly chug one of the protein shakes she was representing, but quickly grew weary of drinking them due to their cold temperature and undesirable after-taste.  Donna soon realized that she desired something both hot and nourishing to drink in the morning.  

Out of sheer frustration, Donna began grumbling how she just wanted to be able to have a hot cup of fresh, drip-brewed coffee that also provided protein to keep her fuller longer.  Toby overheard her complaints and realized she was on to something.  The couple quickly learned that nothing like her “dream” protein coffee existed on the market, in fact, they discovered that there was less than 4% innovation in what was a $4.5 billion-dollar category.  They decided it was time to turn her dream into a reality, and against all odds, they did.  

Since then CUP-O Protein has expanded from Protein Infused Coffees to a rich, old-fashioned-tasting Protein Infused Hot Cocoa, and a non-sweetened Protein Infused Creamer that boasts the highest protein content on the market and is so versatile it can be added to everyday dishes such as gravies, mashed potatoes, soup bases, sauces, pancakes mixes, and more.  All ingredients are carefully selected to ensure the highest of quality and richest flavors - made with healthy ingredients backed by science and tested for accuracy.  

It has always been extremely important to the CUP-O Protein team to provide delicious good-for-you products infused with collagen protein so silky smooth, odorless, and taste-free – you’d never know you were drinking protein – but that’s just too good of a secret to keep!

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